Timothy Loubineaud, never without his rollerblades

Timothy Loubineaud never ceases to surprise with his sporting performances, which has earned him admirable results. A Gujanese skater who has already won numerous medals, he notably became French points race champion in 2018. In 2019, Timothy was lucky to be selected to participate in the World Roller Games Championship which will take place in July. The event will take place in Barcelona, ​​where Timothy will be joined by other qualifiers: Clémence Halbout, Mathilde Pedronno and Amanda Aguirre. Cocci’Vélos is proud of its champion!

A new challenge for the ambitious Timothy

From July 7 to 14, Timothy Loubineaud will then be in Spain to compete and try to win the Roller Games World Championship in the long distance category. Among more than 4,000 athletes, who came to compete in titles in several fields of roller skating (Inline Alpine, Roller downhill, artistic roller skating, roller freestyle, roller hockey, rink hockey, etc.), he will have to find his place and prove that he deserves his title. . The event, organized and managed by the World Skate International Federation, is the largest event highlighting the disciplines of roller skating in the emblematic city of roller skate.

Having just won the roller marathon for the first edition of the Grands Crus 2019, this is a real opportunity for Timothy to win a new medal and to continue his sports career on a positive streak. He was able to show his skills and determination against 1,500 skaters from nearly 26 different nations. For 27 kilometers, and in 1:03:59 ”, Timothy did not give up and did not lose his mind to win. Through uphill, downhill, flat, bend and good weather, Timothy gave 100% of himself, for his superb victory.

Timothy, our champion

With his sports experiences, today Timothy aims to continue his career and win more competitions. It is for his motivation, his good humor and his exemplary career that Cocci’Vélos supports Timothy. This support allows, among other things, Timothy to be motivated, supported and to perform regular and remarkable performances. In December 2017, he notably moved to the Netherlands for the KPN Marathon Cup in Deventer and then in Amsterdam where we had the joy of going to share this great moment with him.

Originally from the Basin, Timothy maintains a close relationship with Cocci’Vélos. Located on the Arcachon Basin, we are very proud to support an ambitious skater. Very attached to the Southwest, the young champion does not fail to return to Gujan as soon as he can. He shares with his loved ones his victories, and is always congratulated for them. We can only wish him more success in this sport than roller skating, hoping for him that he will still win many competitions.

If you are going to spend your holidays in Spain at the beginning of July, do not hesitate to go see our champion Timothy during the World Roller Games Championship! Let’s show him our support against his opponents and wish him that he won another medal, to make dream, not only the whole Cocci’Team, but the whole country. The career of our young champion Timothy Loubineaud on his rollerblades has only just begun and we will always be with him to share these unique moments! Come on Tim!