The pleasure of riding an Achielle bike

Achielle is a Belgian bicycle brand that was created in 1946. Achiel is the name of a man who decided, 70 years ago, to open his bicycle frame construction store in Zwevezele, in West Flanders. Today, the brand, managed by Tom, Peter and their father Jan, has decided to partner with Cocci’Vélos, to sell its unique bikes in the Arcachon Basin. What to vary the pleasures, while ensuring the quality, and the preservation of the family know-how, which is transmitted from generation to generation.

Achielle, much more than bikes

From the start, Achiel decided to build his bike frames himself, to make them all unique, before starting to build bikes entirely. It was in 1963 that Achiel was joined by his son Jan before the family business, called Dija at the time, was moved to Pittem in 1976. From this move was born a collaboration between Dija and the Oostcolor paint shop, ending with a merger of the two companies. If Achielle initially built bicycle frames for other brands, she quickly decides to end this activity. Even more, it was at this time that the brand began to build entirely bikes, named Achielle in tribute to their grandfather Achiel.

It is in the tradition and the know-how that these bikes are built. They are the reflection of a family history, for three generations, which continues today. Today, Peter, Tom and Jan are inspired by old models to combine them with today’s innovations, and create their bikes. All their bikes are built on site, in their own workshop. This is what makes Achielle so unique.

Belgian bikes to conquer the Arcachon Basin

These are real bikes with a unique style that the Achielle brand builds. For three generations, the frames have been made of steel, piece by piece, to ensure quality. The current members of the family make their own parts, favoring quality, European materials to highlight their products. They are made on site, with parts from Belgium. Today, family members are establishing themselves on the market as a brand of bikes “made, built and assembled in Europe”

Achielle bikes are robust, and allow you to move around your city while ensuring safety, quality and comfort. The company was awarded the “Handmade in Belgium” label and crowned “creative company of the year” in 2011. Beautiful prizes which show that Achielle is a serious family business which dedicates its life to the satisfaction of their customers.

It is to highlight the quality and authenticity of these urban bikes that the Achielle brand now distributes its bikes at Cocci’Vélos. It is a true partnership through which the values ​​are put forward: the family, the know-how, the respect, the quality. Thanks to the know-how of Achielle employees, their bikes are conquering new terrains, to the delight of all. Try an Achielle bike, and adopt it.