The choice of the brand, an important decision for his bike

Choosing a good bike is not just about quirky curves or a pretty color. Certainly, a bike that looks good to us is already very popular, but if you aspire to ride it often on varied paths, then you need to go into more detail to choose the best benchmark. For this, Cocci’Vélos and its team are always happy to give you some advice on choosing the most suitable bike!


Defining use, the first aspect of a good choice


The Arcachon Bassin is an ideal playground for all those who appreciate nature and cycling. It combines cycle paths, more or less steep forest paths and sandy beaches. To each their favorite ground! To face the reliefs and the roads of this little corner of paradise, the choices are not lacking. And what could be better than to benefit from the advice of enthusiasts!


You already know them: mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, e-bikes, BMXs… are essentials that cover the main categories of bikes. But for each of these families of bikes, there are a multitude of brands and types. At Cocci’Vélos, we have chosen to work with a few brands, French and European brands, to guarantee our customers impeccable quality. When choosing a bike, you are choosing safety above all. You need to be able to practice your hobby or passion with confidence, without hurting yourself. Even if some brands are able to offer models of bikes belonging to several families, we offer specialized brands.


Using an eBike to go on wild roads in the forest is therefore not a good idea … Just like acquiring an ATV to stay on roads and cycle paths is not necessarily an interesting investment. If you cycle occasionally for a family outing or to go for a leisurely stroll, forget about carbon bikes, which are more recommended for high-level practice.


Budget, size, other decision factors


One of the most important decision-making factors is above all the budget. Acquiring a quality bike involves a certain investment to be planned. For this reason, the choice of your model will also be based on the budget you want to budget. If you want to get a new eBike for less than € 500, you will have to wait a bit longer. Acquiring a bicycle on the Bassin is also a way of limiting your trips by car. This is one of the values ​​that Cocci’Vélos has held for many years, because everything is relatively well served and accessible by public transport or by bicycle.


The size of your bike is also of prime importance. It would be a shame to buy a bike that is too small, which is uncomfortable to ride. Conversely, a bike that is too big would also make its practice more perilous. To find the perfect size, refer to your own size. Some bikes are softer than others, stronger and more successful. This obviously shows in the price, but you are guaranteed that these models will last over time, and that is the goal!


As you will have noticed, the choice of your bike is important because if it is not suitable for the practice you want to do, it could damage it faster or be uncomfortable for you. Once the confinement is over, do not hesitate to contact the Cocci’Team, who will be happy to advise and assist you in the purchase of your bike!