Take part at the Vélodyssée

You have surely already seen crazy bets, people who chose to go on very long excursions by bike, via circuits, to cross countries and entire continents. All just with his bike. These extreme expeditions are achievements for many. Did you know that one of these routes goes through the Arcachon Basin, and runs along the Atlantic coast from North to South?

A step-by-step tour, for all levels of practice

The vélodyssée, like all the great circuits to be done by bike, is not done in one go. Indeed, the objective of this kind of route is to discover the beauties of the country. To make the most of it without exhausting yourself, the stages are well presented, with an average route of between 20 and 40 km per stage. A way to enjoy and take the time to move forward at your own pace. For each stage, the official site describes the places to see, the stops to mark, but also the points of vigilance. Not all stages take place on secure cycle paths, which is why caution is essential. Other circuits are hilly and require more effort to reach the end. This is the case, for example, with the stage which links Hourtin to Lacanau Océan.

The little extra of these excursions is that you can, during your holidays or your weekends with your family, do one of the circuits, without having to do the entire route. This will allow you to discover the surrounding landscapes, and to work out by sharing good moments with your family. No time or course constraint, you are free to do what you want!

Arcachon Bay, part of the tour in the heart of nature

The Vélodyssée passes through Cap-Ferret. The North of Bassin, renowned for its wild and natural side, always seduces, with a breathtaking view from the passes, on the tip of the city. And how can we forget the Dune du Pilat, one of the emblems of the Arcachon Basin! You can then easily go down to Arcachon. With its network of cycle paths that go around the Basin, it will be safe. An original and fun path to do with the whole family, for a day trip. With the beautiful days coming, you can plan a picnic and your tube of sunscreen! There is nothing more enjoyable than a bike ride with your loved ones when the sun is out.

Once in Arcachon, the descent to the south continues, in the direction of Biscarrosse. This city is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the region. It is notably a landmark for surfers. In the heart of the Landes forest, nothing will disturb your journey, except the song of birds and the air that smells of iodine. Because yes, in addition to a very pleasant walk, you will feel invigorated by the oceanic air.

For all lovers of adventure and discovery, the Vélodyssée therefore appears to be an interesting and pleasant challenge to discover. A series of stages that allow you to travel while respecting the environment, doing everything by bike. If you need advice on the courses, or the equipment to leave safely, do not hesitate to come to the store, or to contact us!


More information about the Vélodyssée: https://www.lavelodyssee.com/itineraire