Quentin Duquenne, an accomplished athlete

It is well known that sport is a factor of values ​​common to the greatest number of people. He advocates tolerance, respect, sharing, surpassing oneself, honesty and honor. While in 2019 sport is practised, especially fitness and running, one of these sports is cycling. In recent years, the champion Quentin Duquenne, born in 1981, has been sponsored and supported by Cocci’Vélos. It never ceases to amaze with its positive results. His last sporting award was in Spain, during a triathlon.


On May 4th, the 26th and new edition of the 2019 Long Distance Triathlon World Championships took place. Taking place in Pontevedra, Spain, these championships are organized in the tradition of the Multisport World Championship Festival. This festival brings together several world sports championships every year, all managed by the International Triathlon Federation. This triathlon begins with the swimming event. At the beginning of May 2019, the participants swam 1.5 kilometers instead of the 3 kilometers generally requested. Indeed, it is for safety reasons, especially with regard to the water temperature, that the swimming distance is intentionally reduced. Enough to let the competitors take their bikes for a long ride of no less than 113 kilometers. This triathlon finally ended with the thirty-kilometer run, which pushed the athletes to give their best. Indeed, this triathlon requires a lot of effort and has resulted in retirements throughout the events.

However, the participation of Quentin Duquenne, accompanied by other French like the champion of the triathlon categories 40/44 men, Lionel Roye, marked the spirits. The athlete then came 62nd in the 35/39 men’s category of the Long Distance Triathlon. A good performance for the Frenchman supported by Cocci’Velos and especially by Vincent, with whom he is friends.



Multiplying his participations in sporting events such as triathlons, aquathlons, races, raids, or even trails, Quentin Duquenne continues to thrill thanks to his remarkable performances. The athlete rides an ORBEA ORDU carbon bicycle, and always counts on Vincent’s help and support for his participation in various championships and other competitions. Cocci’Vélos supports him in his career dedicated to sport.

Following his return from Spain after the Long Distance Triathlon World Championships, Quentin came to visit Vincent and the whole Cocci’Vélos team. They were then able to discuss the results of the prodigy, and discuss his next participations. Indeed, Quentin Duquenne does not want to stop now in his career.

Thanks to his performances for the triathlon, Quentin Duquenne proves once again what he is capable of. Always ready to participate in new competitions, he is already preparing his next participations. This is how he also finished 21st category 35/39 men at the world aquathlon championship, which took place on May 2, 2019 in Pontevedra. Enough to have stars in your eyes.

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