Move with the bonus boost!

The deconfinement has arrived for our greatest pleasure. Although the virus has not yet disappeared, and we must continue to be careful on our outings, it is possible to get the bike out of the garage. When the good weather arrived, nothing could make us happier! But when you got your bike out, you noticed your tire was flat, or the chain was stuck. Don’t panic, we will be able to help you, thanks to the exceptional premium provided by the State for the repair of your bike!

A bonus for taking care of your bike

The “Coup de Pouce” bonus allows the owner of a damaged bicycle to be able to repair it easily, at one of the repairers authorized to do so near his home. Cocci’Vélos is one of these partners, so you can have your bike repaired by Cocci’Team without difficulty.

However, you must first call the store to reserve your niche. Once your appointment is set, we will tell you the elements we need to build your file. Indeed, the goal is that you can have a reduction of up to 50 euros on the tax-free invoice of your bike depending on the work done on it.

We then take care of repairing your bike, and checking that everything is functional, before returning it to you. You will then be free to move around the Arcachon Basin, and enjoy the landscapes that you missed so much during confinement!

An initiative to fight the spread of the virus

Why favor the use of the bicycle to the detriment of the car and public transport? Over short distances, this helps limit air pollution. After almost two months without travel, nature was able to take back its rights and breathe. Good news for all those who are aware of the protection of nature. This also makes it possible to unclog the streets and limit traffic jams on heavily used axes.

After two months at home without being able to ride a bike, we know that the lack of outdoor sport is significant. To fully enjoy the great outdoors, a change of scenery and awaken your muscles, don’t hesitate to get on your bike and go on an adventure. Obviously, there is no question of injuring yourself by producing too intense an effort. Even if the sports season is canceled, there is no point in hurting yourself. Take a walk, but for all that, respect the barrier gestures.

In store, we have been welcoming you since May 12. We have also set up an organization to welcome you in the best conditions. Hydroalcoholic gel, markings on the ground to respect the distance between each one, wearing a compulsory mask are very important elements to take into account. And this to protect themselves, but also to protect others from the virus to limit its spread. We therefore welcome you for the purchase of equipment, bicycles, but also for rental. Tell us what you want, we’ll help you!