In summer, drive cool!

Summer has made a comeback in the Arcachon Basin and it is the great companion for your successful holidays. Indeed, the sun and the heat allow you to go out outdoors while enjoying your favorite activity. Indeed, since the end of the health crisis, the bicycle sector has experienced an unparalleled explosion. Many of us want to take the bike to avoid trips on public transport. But beware, in the South West, the hot weather can quickly be felt. So to avoid endangering your health you have to follow some simple rules.

A bike ride in summer and in complete safety

In summer, the heat and the sun are definitely there and you have to be sure to stay hydrated during your physical activity. In fact, the body being largely composed of water, it is imperative to drink as soon as the temperatures start to rise. The percentage of water present in our body is 55 to 70% and it must not drop otherwise you risk endangering your health. During physical activity and sports, the body sweats and eliminates more water than normal. It is therefore important to maintain this water level so as not to risk feeling unwell. This is why we therefore recommend that you drink water before, during and after exercise. You can take a water bottle attached to your bike before leaving.

In summer, you should also be careful to choose your outing times to avoid the hottest hours between 11am and 4pm. These are indeed the hours when the sun is strongest in the sky. So if you have the opportunity, prefer the morning hours, in the cool or at the end of the day when the sun goes down.

And above all, don’t forget to protect your skin against sunburn. Apply sunscreen frequently during all your outings.

An adapted practice

In addition to these practical recommendations, we advise you to adapt your cycling practice itself.

In order to adapt your cycling practice during the summer, we also advise you to plan your journeys by favoring shaded tracks or paths. You can drive in the cool, your ride will be even more pleasant. On the Arcachon Basin there are many cycle paths in the shade of the pines where you can enjoy a pleasant stroll. It is also important to adapt your pace to the heat and take the time to rest to hydrate.

In order to make the heat more bearable it is also very important to adapt your clothing style to the weather and the climate. Technical, anti-perspirant, light and light-colored clothing should therefore be preferred. In fact, they make it easier to wick away perspiration and not retain heat. The helmet is also an essential element of the cyclist’s outfit, in fact it protects against shocks but also protects against sunstroke.


But if you want to enjoy a summer walk in the best conditions. Cocci ’Vélos recommends the alternative to the VAE. Without suffering from the heat and by making less physical effort, you will be less prone to dehydration. In fact, you reduce your effort thanks to the assisted pedaling of the VAE. You can travel hundreds of kilometers in complete serenity and discover all the beauty of the Basin in summer. The good thing is that by bike you avoid all the traffic jams around.


In short, if you want to go for a ride in complete safety and without suffering from the heat, you must respect certain basic rules. Indeed, although the sun is the best partner of our holidays, it can be dangerous especially during physical activities. Hydration, adaptations and protections become the key words for your bike outings on the Bassin d’Arcachon.