Guided bike tours

Guided walking tours have been known for years. In the Arcachon Basin, except in museums or certain tourist sites, there are very few guides. Without knowing the Basin, or very little, the possibility of visiting the emblematic sites of the region can be attractive. Recently, this is possible for the curious. Take part in these guided excursions… by bike!

Visiting the Bassin d’Arcachon’s harbours

The tour starts at the Port of La Teste de Buch, where many boats are located throughout the year. The pinnacles, emblematic boats of the Arcachon Basin, can be found there and attract the curious who are happy to take pictures of them. The ports around the Basin are all varied and offer different atmospheres, giving each one a character. They bring together fishermen’s huts and oyster farmers’ huts, which fit perfectly into the landscapes of the Basin. On the port of Biganos, the cabins are particularly colorful, making it unmissable. Indeed, the promenade in the ports is then a particularly pleasant outing, especially in summer for all lovers of nature and escape. It is also possible to stop to taste a few oysters directly from the producer, for a preserved and authentic taste of iodine. These oyster or seafood tastings seduce many visitors in search of novelty and unusual and are more common in the northern part of the Arcachon Basin. By bike, the walk is very pleasant, and allows you to discover all the ports of the Basin. An outing that is both invigorating for all the curious, nature lovers and unforgettable. During your excursion, you can also discover the local flora and fauna, the opportunity to discover this unique and natural ecosystem. Your walk allows you to discover places of interest that you might not have seen if you had stayed on the roads, in the car or in the train.

The emblematic places of Bassin d’Arcachon 

Bassin d’Arcachon is full of unique places to discover and explore. By bike, you can go around these extraordinary places thanks to the guided excursions. The guide will show you in particular the city center of Arcachon, but also the seaside. In particular the Jetée Thiers which juts out on the water and attracts many walkers, eager to discover the Cabanes Tchanquées, and to take the boat. A short break then allows you to hydrate, and take some souvenir photos. Also see the Dune du Pilat with its reliefs, bordered by the pine forest. You will be able to recharge your batteries during this excursion, and enjoy a moment to discover new horizons. If you don’t have a bike to go on an adventure, you can rent one from Cocci’Vélos. Also, depending on your size, you can leave with an adapted bike during the period of your choice. This will give you all the freedom you need to get away from it all and enjoy your holidays in the Arcachon Bay. During your vacation, there are many places to discover. By bike, your freedom of movement is increased. This allows you to move around the towns of Bassin d’Arcachon.