Getting around with the family: good cycling habits

Holidays are above all made for family outings, to enjoy the sun and the beach. Far from everyday life and traffic jams, many people decide to leave their car in the parking lot, and to cycle. A good decision which is part of an environmental dynamic in the Arcachon Basin. But like the car, the bicycle also has its share of traffic rules to stay safe. It’s possible to have a good holiday without taking any risks!

Equipment for the whole family, essential and safe

Before going out on a bike in the city, it is essential to be well equipped. The helmet is the first step. In the event of a fall, it prevents injuries or shocks that can quickly ruin your vacation. In addition, it helps protect your head and those of your loved ones from sunstroke. Children, adolescents and adults, the helmet allows you to ride safely, day or night. A helmet in your size will be a real protection, which is why you can benefit from expert advice on choosing the most suitable model. Cocci’Vélos is at your disposal to advise you in the choice of your equipment. Likewise, before each ride, check the condition of your bike. An under-inflated or warped wheel can increase the risk of a fall, and can damage the bike. You can of course have your bike checked by our team at the start of the season to check that everything is working perfectly. You can then take the road safely. For the youngest, the protections on the joints help limit scratches. Children are real adventurers, who enjoy stunts and ride fast. This equipment can keep you warm and uncomfortable, but riding safely is much more important to a successful vacation.

Getting around town, respecting space and signage

By bicycle, as by car, signage regulates traffic and allows everyone to move around in a safe environment. Thus, the routes intended specifically for bicycles are defined using markings on the ground, impracticable for cars. The network of cycle paths around the Arcachon Basin is indeed very rich, allowing you to go around the Basin effortlessly. There is no risk of traveling between each city, of venturing on expressways, or on the roads used daily by cars. Thanks to these tracks, isolated from the roads, you will then have plenty of time to discover new landscapes, intimate places among the pines. Take the time to stop, breathe, and enjoy. Unlike the car, you can stop on the way. Remember to store your bike on the edge of the track, so as not to interfere with other cyclists. Finally, picnic tables are provided near the beaches. So that you can rest around a good, fresh meal. To enjoy a successful holiday at the edge of the Arcachon Basin, nothing beats beautiful excursions in the sun. The perfect opportunity to go out by bike, and relax, far from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the year, between work and traffic jams …