Getting around the city by bike, safety and discovery

Hundreds of people on bicycles appear in the summer on the Basin. For pleasure, conviction or for physical support, this means of circulation has experienced a real boom that is delighting young and old. It is getting easier and easier to get one, both for hire and for purchase. However, like all means of transport, it requires a few rules.

Safe driving in the city, a real priority for bikes

The priority of Bassin d’Arcachon is to make the holidays as pleasant as possible. Safety is an important point. In particular the safety of cyclists who are numerous during the high season. The cycle paths are constantly developing. Being at the same time a place of circulation but also circuits of discovery. They extend over more than two hundred kilometers throughout the Basin. In order to circulate in complete safety, many equipment is available, such as a helmet. Today it is an essential and mandatory accessory for getting around whether on mountain bikes or electric bikes. Lights are available for purchase to illuminate the roads and indicate your presence, they are required day and night. To date, cities are offering more and more spaces to park your bike, especially next to train stations, near shopping centers or even in town centers to enjoy a walk. Exit the car on the Basin, the bicycle is the most popular means of transport to travel in the South-West and in addition, it is ecological.

Places of interest in the city, accessible by bike

Once safety is assured, there are many places of interest to discover along the towns of the Arcachon Basin. In Gujan Mestras, the Parc de la Chêneraie is a place where it is pleasant to walk. The park is shaded and offers peaceful tranquility. Accessible by bike from the city, the route consists of dirt roads and crosses an oak forest. A blockhouse still stands and plunges the park into a historical dimension. BMX is a bike that adapts perfectly to this type of circuit, just like mountain biking. By following the coastal path, you will arrive at La Hume beach, a family beach filled with the history of oyster farmers. A little further, one of the seven ports of Gujan is also to be visited and accessible by bike for a salty and colorful ride. La Teste de Buch also has unmissable places to discover. Departing from the oyster port of La Teste, the Prés Salés unveil marshy and atypical landscapes in the southwest. If the route is completed quickly in two kilometers, it is possible to stop there to taste a few oysters and watch the sunset which adorns the Meadows with a thousand colors. Finally, return to Arcachon where the city center has a cycle path that allows you to explore the city from another angle, passing through the Winter Town and its original villas. The seafront is also accessible by bicycle and has a five-kilometer cycle path which makes it even more attractive. The Mauresque park is a must in the city of Arcachon. Discover its unique history by bike and its many varieties of plants. It is even possible to take the elevator that takes you from the Winter Town to the very heart of the park with your bike. It is now possible to discover the Basin by bike. The reputation of this means of transport makes its use more and more safe.

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