Do your “B’A for Basin”

On the Arcachon Bay, walks are an opportunity to discover magnificent landscapes. It is possible to move easily, sometimes in no time thanks to the train or the car, but also to move all around the Basin, from Arcachon to Pointe du Cap Ferret in no time, thanks to the formidable network of cycle paths which ensure a secure and total journey for the greatest happiness of all.

The B’A brand promotes cycling

The brand Bassin d’Arcachon (B’A) aims to highlight initiatives carried out on the Basin, and this time, it has decided to put cycling at the forefront. Indeed, the Basin region is particularly suitable for cycling, with its many tracks which go around the cities and allow total access to all sectors, but also because of the more than favorable climate. An initiative to which Cocci’Vélos contributed, whose participation was featured in this video. In order to preserve the environment and the rich nature of the Arcachon Basin, it is more than ever time to change mentality, and the intervention of the B’A brand aims to encourage this change.

Cocci’Vélos, one of the actors of these changes

The Cocci’Vélos brand was born on the Basin nine years ago. Nine years that we have met people from all walks of life who enjoy cycling, whether in the context of leisure or daily commute. We have always had a passion for cycling, the desire to share it with each of you through our practice. It is for this reason that we are committed to encouraging those who are close to their school or their workplace to borrow the bicycle at the expense of the car. On the one hand you will contribute to the preservation of our great place to live, it is good for health and in addition you avoid all the inconveniences related to driving: traffic jams, problems related to parking in town, the cost of fuel. None of that with a bike! We are here to guide you in choosing a model that will suit your lifestyle, your cycling, and all with a smile.

In 2019, Cocci’Vélos’ commitment is to help raise awareness of cycling among the youngest generations to preserve the fragile ecosystem of the Arcachon Basin while encouraging them to adopt the practice of cycling rather than turn to means of transport such as the car. So come and meet us, let’s discuss together around your needs and we will help find the most suitable bike for you to leave the car behind and enjoy our superb nature. Everyone involved in the cycle or in travel agrees with us: it is more than ever time to react and change the way we travel, we are committed to supporting you.

You can watch the promotion video made by the brand B’A here !