Cycling with children

The road, whether by car or by bicycle, can be a dangerous space that you have to know how to handle. Some safety rules must be adopted and applied at all times in order to be able to travel in peace and safety with children, on foot, but also by bicycle. One way to enjoy your vacation, without taking any risks!

Cyclist’s equipment, a vital element

In recent years, bicycle traffic has been governed by the highway code. Proof that the bicycle is a vehicle like any other and that there are certain rules to follow. Helmets are compulsory equipment for children under twelve and are strongly recommended for everyone to travel whether by mountain bike or electric bike, in town or in the forest. In fact, the helmet protects against any shock that can be received by falling to the ground for example. Indirectly, it also avoids sunburn on the head, during long bike rides during the summer. One way not to ruin your vacation because of the good weather! Even if this rule seems obvious, it is important to remember that the cyclist must be vigilant on the road, which is why calling, having wired or wireless headphones and consulting his phone are acts punishable by a fine for the cyclist. . A second of inattention that can have consequences for the rest of your vacation. If the traffic is at night or during the day with poor visibility, a reflective vest must be worn. It can detect cyclists, avoid them on the road and alert drivers. Coupled with these reflective vests, bikes must be fitted with reflectors. These are retro-reflective devices that also allow the bicycle to be seen on the road. Position lights are mandatory equipment that a bicycle must have. There should be one at the front, and one at the rear of the bikes. Here too, regardless of the model, whether it is a pedelec or a city bike, lighting is essential. Last but not least, a bell or bell type buzzer that can be heard from fifty meters away is added to the other essential equipment.

Riding a bike safely with children

Cycling is a fun form of transport and a fun activity to practice with your children. It seems fairly obvious that to fully enjoy a ride and to ride safely, you will need to choose a bike that is suitable for the size of the children. Indeed, a mountain bike or an e-bike for adults will not suit a child. It is also possible to enjoy a tandem outing. It is a two-person model that needs each other’s energy to move forward. For the little ones too, there are some uses to know. It is mandatory for children under the age of twelve to wear a helmet when cycling. In particular in order to protect them. Rest assured, there are some really beautiful superhero and princess helmets out there these days that your kids will be proud to wear! If during your walk you are not reassured by the idea of ​​letting your children circulate on the bike path, children up to eight years old are allowed to ride on the sidewalks. Be careful however with the speed at which they will go. It’s not about disturbing pedestrians, or losing sight of them. Whether adults or children there are rules and practices to know for bike rides If you are not sure that you are 100% informed, the Cocci’Vélos team will be happy to answer you and you guide the choice of the most suitable bikes and equipment.