Cycling outings after deconfinement, security

Cycling can resume, since the start of deconfinement. However, be careful to drive safely. A long-awaited hobby, which allows all those who were waiting to exercise again. Indeed, for many months, travel was very limited. To preserve the health of everyone in the face of viruses, caution was required. Today we can get back outside in the saddle without being worried. Something to delight at the arrival of summer!

Family outings on the Bassin d’Arcachon

After weeks at home waiting for the virus to slow its spread, the urge to move freely is overwhelming. Indeed, the practice of cycling in the context of leisure was prohibited, which was missed by many people. But now, the bikes can go out again, to take a walk and breathe the fresh air of the Basin. With the arrival of summer, and sunny days, nothing could be more fun! Children and adults can therefore once again appreciate the wonderful landscapes offered by the Basin. But they can also walk on the cycle paths that link Arcachon to Cap Ferret, among the pines. The ideal setting to rediscover beautiful sensations by bike.


While the prospect of being able to go out again thrills most of us, we should be cautious. We must continue the efforts of the past months, especially in terms of distance and gatherings. At the moment, the beaches are still closed, so it is not possible to have a picnic with your feet in the water immediately. However, bike rides allow you to smell the salty air and enjoy it as much as your feet in the sand.

Think about your safety, an essential element

Before confinement, worrying about your bike safety was an important point before hitting the road. This must still remain a priority today. To travel in town, in the countryside or on cycle paths, there are things to do at all times. First, about the equipment. Children and adults should wear a suitable helmet for every bike ride. In the event of a fall, the helmet absorbs the shock and prevents serious injury. For children, protections such as elbow and knee pads also help prevent poor landings in the event of a fall. The reflective vest is also easy to be seen by motorists, especially when the day is fading.


Once properly equipped, there are still things to check before taking into account before leaving. All the protections in the world will come in handy, but the key is also having a good bike. Before each ride, make sure your tires are properly inflated. If they are punctured, it will be difficult to pedal and damage your bike. You can then order or buy your tires directly in store. Also check the condition of your brakes to keep them functional. It would be a shame if once in the saddle you couldn’t stop!

Deconfinement allows you to gradually resume your activities and to be able to taste again the happiness of going out cycling. In an ideal setting like that of the Basin, these outings are invigorating. However, there is no question of forgetting the right reflexes: protect yourself, check the condition of your bike, and ride with caution. But also not to forget the actions to adopt to fight against the virus.