Cycling in confinement

This is not the best time to cycle on Arcachon. The good days have returned, but the Coronavirus has precipitated the confinement of everyone in France. For all cycling enthusiasts, amateurs and the most experienced alike, this is a particularly difficult time. Despite everything, it is not impossible for you to practice your favorite activity.

Ideas for a playground to walk around


We know how difficult it is to keep the containment order. When you live in the Bassin d’Arcachon, daily outings are good for morale and spirit. Especially since in recent days, spring is here. The flowering trees, forest trails and beach walks will have to wait a little longer! However, for justified trips (with a valid certificate), you can use your bike. But you must forget about its use in a pure leisure setting. This always within the limit of a radius of 1 km around your place of life and for 1 hour maximum.

If you have a house with a garden, you can also pedal in it. At home, nothing prevents you from enjoying your garden. Have fun with your kids or get busy! There are many exercises or games to perform during containment. You can also take time to pamper your bike. He deserves it just as much! Check its tires, their pressure, and clean its frame so that it shines like it was new.


Unusual activities to practice at home

On social networks and on the internet, it is easy to find ideas for activities to get active. Some high level cyclists, such as triathletes, manage to pedal even in a studio! They sit on their backs, position the bike as if they were sitting on it and pedal. An activity as fun as it is physical: you have to be able to keep the bike in balance, absolute abdominal work! Others place themselves more in real conditions, except that their bike is on cleats. This prevents it from moving forward, so the wheels are spinning in a vacuum. These athletes put themselves in condition with a landscape on their television screen, their outfit and all the equipment. Performance in near-real conditions.

Finally, during confinement, you can also leave your bike aside if you do not have the opportunity to indulge in the proposed activities. To do this, take out your fitness mat, and look for fitness exercises, yoga, or even sporting challenges. This will allow you to stay in shape and not suffer from confinement.

What matters most is that you and your loved ones are in good health. Stay at home, and make sure everyone is well. Sports, outings can very well wait a few days, even a few weeks. We are also patient, and are waiting to announce the reopening of Cocci’Vélos. But not before the containment is lifted!