Choosing the right model of bike, a not-so-impossible task

Choosing the right model of bike can seem like an impossible task to any newbie. There are a variety of categories of bikes, all different and made for a specific type of use. How do you choose the ideal model, depending on the use you want to make of it? It is about being able to find the bike that best suits your habits to ride for many years.

What to choose between an ATV or a VTC for your daily trips?

Mountain bikes, or Mountain Bikes, allow you to move on all types of road. This perfectly matches the landscapes of the Arcachon Basin, combining roads and forest trails. They are suitable for your use by allowing you not to hurt yourself if you take more rugged trails. It then remains to choose the right size of bike, adapted to your size and your morphology. There are many brands, which all have their specificities. You can then get advice on choosing the most suitable brand, and take the road with confidence. Mountain biking is particularly suitable for outings “off the beaten track”. If you are not planning on using one, we recommend that you switch to another type of bike. The VTC, or Vélo tout Chemin, is a good alternative to mountain biking. For all cycling enthusiasts who, however, do not want to explore the wild areas of the Arcachon Basin, but want to go on forest trails, the VTC is more suitable. Enough to venture into the Parc de la Chêneraie, along the beaches, but also in town, for your daily trips. It is like a Swiss army knife, being able to roll on all the grounds. Again, there are many models, with their specificities. Size is also important, to guarantee you a good footing and good driving conditions. Since summer is particularly conducive to outings in the shade, hybrid bikes can be fun to ride under trees, and offer models suitable for men and women for more choice.

VAE, accessories … models that are popular

The big star of bicycles at the moment is the Electrically Assisted Bicycle. The eBike is indeed a benchmark for new bicycle models, operating using a battery attached to the bicycle. Once charged, it allows its driver to move quickly without effort. An alternative to the car for short trips, between home, work or just to get some fresh air without going home swimming in the heat. Summer is a great time to get your bike out and enjoy the outdoors, but it can quickly become difficult to bear when you’re outside for a long time. So, you need to be able to equip yourself to stay calm all day. The gourd is already one of the essential elements to have with you, to hydrate. Hydration helps keep you from getting sunstroke and making you feel unwell. The water bottle can thus be attached to the bike, or fit in your backpack. Some are even isothermal, to keep the water cool. The lights on your bike are also essential. They allow you to see, but above all to be seen. In summer, the day turns late, and the evenings in town are later. It is then common to return by night bike. This is why the small reflective lights on the wheels of the bikes are useful, as are the front and rear lights, just like the car. To know how to choose the right bike and the right equipment, don’t hesitate to call on Cocci’Vélos. Our team of experts is at your disposal to guide and advise you, according to your budget and your needs!