Choose the right electric bike

2019 is the start of a new year, focused on sport and wellness. If addicts of the Little Queen already know which bike is made for them and for their practice, neophytes are faced with an impressive choice of models, types of bikes at all prices. Between BMX, mountain biking, mountain biking or even bikes made for Cross, it is complex to know where to head. This is why today we are going to talk to you about the Electric Assistance Bike, also known by the acronym VAE.

The VAE, a bike bursting with energy

This type of bike is gaining popularity and has become more popular with the general public in recent years. At the time rather cautious with the purchase because in particular of the selling price of these bikes, the customers can today offer themselves a VAE which offers many advantages on a daily basis: for the urbanites, the VAE makes it possible to move quickly and easily from one point to another, avoiding using the car or using public transport, which is often crowded during peak hours. This makes traveling easier, parking is easier and it’s also a way to keep in shape while pedaling. However, VAE journeys are less demanding than with a conventional bicycle, because thanks to the battery with which the bicycle is equipped, pedaling is simpler and its autonomy makes it possible not to get sweaty at work in the morning. But how do you know which bike is best suited to your conditions of use? In addition to the budget to be expected (from 1600 to over 4000 €), you must also study with precision the technical characteristics of the models available to find the one that suits you best.

The battery, the beating heart of the VAE

The battery life and its power is a significant factor. The greater the battery power, the better the handling of the bike. The autonomy of the battery covers between two charges more or less important distances, in order to adapt to your needs. Estimate the distance you travel on average each day or each week to estimate the range to search!

Be careful however: the battery of pedelecs is often removable, and it is common for it to be stolen because it is easy to remove and transport.

When choosing a VAE, another criterion is essential: the weight of the bike. Indeed, by choosing an entry-level model, if your VAE’s battery is empty, it will be difficult or even impossible to handle. Find out about the weight and handling of your model before buying!

There are a multitude of other things to consider when buying an electric bike. Often technical points that only a connoisseur can discuss with you. Do not hesitate to call on the Cocci’Vélos team to assist you and guide you in choosing your bike, in order to answer all your questions concerning the purchase of an electric bike.